Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A December in Southern California

I'm a very big fan of random trips.  Spontaneity keeps life entertaining and is the ultimate antidote to mundane repetition.  A few days ago my cousin Adrian called me at the worst possible time (prior to my interview with Finn Partners) to deliver the best news; he wanted me to accompany him to a meeting in Los Angeles.

Without hesitation I accepted.  The meeting he had was with the marketing representative from LRG in order to learn strategies to help Riot Kids, which is a children's street ware company Adrian and I founded.

This trip had a little bit of everything.  We walked through Hollywood, marveled at the palatial houses of Beverly Hills and grabbed breakfast in Laguna Beach.  The meeting went very well and further motivated us to improve Riot Kids.

One moment of this trip stands out.  It was very rainy during this day but we still wanted to hike to the Hollywood sign and knock it out of our bucket list.  Darkness was falling but we still thought we could make the hike so we set on up the slushy mountains through the mist.  Our phones were dying and we eventually did not make it to the top but I'm glad we tried.

I am happy that even though we are both becoming adults that we can have these moments of pure spontaneity.  This sense of adventure is something that I hope neither of us lose in the coming years.

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